Here We Go!

Welcome to the very first #moedchat blog post!

The #moedchat community is one of reflective and gracious professionals. Every week we come together to share our experiences, our resources and our ideas.

We are certain that the addition of this blog will prove to be the perfect companion to the weekly #moedchats as well as our #moedchat Google+ Community.

Your dedicated #moedchatmodsquad will get things rocking and rolling with this blog, but as it belongs to the #moedchat community, it is our sincere hope that you will take opportunities to contribute. In this way we can encourage each other’s reflective practices as well as continue to share our learning with one another.

We hope you enjoy this newest edition to our #moedchat learning community!


One thought on “Here We Go!”

  1. It is so amazing how we can connect worldwide via blogs, twitter, G+. Thanks for sharing so many ideas and resources. Great way to expand your PLN

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