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#MOedchat Summer Blog Challenge Week 1

Are you ready to BLOG and be a part of our #MOedchat blogging community of friends and educators?!

YOU, yes you, have stories to tell and edupassion to share. You may find, like me, that blogging nurtures and even brings to light a voice inside you you didn’t think you had! If you haven’t started a blog yet, summer is the perfect time to JUMP into the blogging pool with us!


MOEdchat Summer Blog Challenge  Week 1

photo credit: LauraGilchrist4 via photopin cc

2 Rules:

1. Blog anytime between June 12-19 and tweet out your blog title and link with the #MOedchat hashtag! Topic is in picture above!

2. Include at least 1 piece of media–picture/video that is embedded (shows up; not just a link) in your blogpost!
Pictures/videos pull people into your story. If using a photo other than yours be sure to give “photocred.”  I used Photopin to show an example of citing photos! We’ll talk on #MOedchat tonight, 6/12/14, about how to do that.

Check out the LIVEBINDER with your blog in it!! 

Your name and blog website will be added to our LIVEBINDER as you blog and post to our #moedchat hashtag and learning community! Peruse the tab “MOedchat BLOGGERS’ BLOGS!” to find YOURS and read everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and stories! You guys seriously are UP TO THE CHALLENGE. #MOedchatBLOGSTARS!

Happy blogging! Remember, if you have any questions, you can Direct Message (DM) @moedchat on Twitter or DM any one of the mods. You can also simply ask a Question on Twitter and add the #moedchat hashtag. We’ll see it and help you. We’re in this together!!